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While Warrior Pose initially started out as a movement for women, it has opened up to anyone that wants to honor their inner spirit through imagery!  The goal of WP is to realign you with your creative and PERFECT self through intuitive photography.

What is intuitive photography?  Photography centered around being mindful, present, and fluid during the shoot; allowing for the creative self to lead the way.



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What is Warrior Pose?

Warrior Pose is a unique and creative fine art portrait shoot where YOU become the art. We take this journey together to honor your spirit through intuitive photography and imagery. My goal is for you to come out the other side of this photoshoot with not only an amazing portrait of yourself, but a rekindled sense of strength and self-love. 

Who is Warrior Pose for?

Anyone that wants to reconnect to their spirit through fine art photography. 

How does WP differ from any other photo shoot?

Warrior Pose sessions allow you to build your own "production".  You can choose to stay with the base shoot or add on any of the additional services.  Regardless of what sort of session you build, it will be completely unique and unlike any portrait shoot you've experienced.  

What is intuitive photography?

Photography centered around being mindful, present, and open to the fluidity of creativity!

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